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Customer Service Fundamentals LLC is a  Business Consulting and Coaching Firm, with a concentration on Business Development and Restructuring.  CSF also offers a unique array of niche business services.  CSF has cultivated a partnership with Arise®, a work from home Platform, as  an (IBO) Independent Business Owner that spans well over a decade long.  Offering a robust portfolio of diverse work from home opportunities.  Most of the partners on the Arise platform are fortune 500 companies.  CSF takes pride in the pathway we have developed in aspiring Charities/Nonprofits.   CSF pairs philanthropic endeavors of  those who have the desire to contribute to their community, by way of formulating strong Charities/Nonprofits, empowering them with the necessary knowledge to execute their Vision Mission and Goals. CSF has a notary on staff and provides Notary Signing Services in office, virtually and onsite at your location.  

Business Consulting/Coaching

Customer Service Fundamentals has  over a decade of noteworthy business consulting and coaching accomplishments.  We deliver products and services that have proven over the years to elevate struggling businesses bottom line, ensuring a return on investments while elevating productivity to new heights.  It’s CSF  pleasure to propel your stagnate business venture or elevate your existing thriving business to the next level.

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We’ve cultivated a culture that clearly sets the standards for an ethical, reliable and sustainable Work at home experience. 

Working from home as a partner with Customer Service Fundamental on the Arise® platform during these uncertain times will empower you.  You’ll be positioned to increase your earnings, enjoy unmatched levels of safety, convenience, flexibility and a peace of mind that you’ll grow to appreciate.  All from the comfort of your home!

Financial Stability post COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly become inconsistent for many.  

Set the stage for your new normal.  Take control of your financial future and sign up today to enjoy the many work from home opportunities available on the Arise® platform, in whic  Customer Service Fundamentals is an(IBO) Independent Business Owner.


Put your charitable talents and aspirations to good work. Customer Service Fundamentals will guide you through the tedious process of starting, growing and sustaining your 501(c)3 Nonprofit. Invest in your community, contribute the sustainability of your loved ones future. One of the most effective ways to help a multitude of people is with an unwavering passion and dedication to your community, starting a nonprofit can empower you and the community you serve. 

Running a nonprofit is more complicated than it looks. Customer Service Fundamentals will simplify the process for you.

Customer Service Fundamentals embodies a team of knowledgeable nonprofit professionals who understand the complexities of formulating and maintaining  a successful nonprofit. We are dedicated to simplifying the processes, allowing you to get started quickly and efficiently without the stress of forgoing it all alone, 

Our services will lay the foundation for a successful application submission that will lead to an exemption status for your nonprofit.  Which will enable your nonprofit to receive charitable donations, become eligible for grants, create a stream of income for your Nonprofit via business credit and much more.


Notary Signing Services

We have a Georgia Notary on staff who is available 24-7, including Mobile notary services.  Please schedule your notary services today!